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What We Do

We match the services of our pre-screened network of professionals with your project requirements according to: budget, project specification, scheduling, flexibility and craftsmanship.

Our Company

Tried & True Referrals, LLC was founded to bring together homeowners and quality home improvement contractors and professionals. Whether you are new to the area and don’t know who to call, or just don’t have time to search for qualified professionals, we can help!

Our Services

We provide homeowners with a simple solution for finding pre-screened, licensed and insured home service professionals to fulfill their specific needs at NO CHARGE. Simply send us your list of home service needs!

We check all contractors in our network for:

  • Licenses (if applicable)
  • Insurance
  • Customer References
  • Better Business Bureau/Consumer Affairs Records
  • On-going Evaluation and Follow up

The Process Is Easy

  1. Homeowner submits project information
  2. We select and schedule an appointment with an appropriate contractor, at your convenience
  3. Contractor meets with you
  4. Contractor submits bid or proposal
  5. You select the contractor

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